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In a nutshell: Writing, publishing, speaking, business, commerce and the internet offer ways to take you places you never dreamed of going.

All thanks to Jupiter in your 3 rd. Get talking, Scorpio. Make a list of all the things you could do if you had more of that folding stuff. Focus not on possessions but experiences.

All about cancer

And this includes experiencing more abundance. Abundance encompasses so much more than just your cash. It about having time to do what you want to do — and the freedom of knowing you have the security to do it.

You also have Venus in here now which of course rules this house. It and Ceres meet the South Node in here this week. Think back both 12 and then 19 years if you were over 18 then as to what opportunities were on offer to simply enrich you on some level. Again, this may not be money. You could be looking at similar benefits on offer now. Mercury also exits retroshadow this week while the Sun in your 1 st angles to Neptune in your 4 th.

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This is clearing the way ahead for you to deal with those issues around home or even within yourself, which block the flow of abundance into your life. Time to declutter anything from your outer space to your headspace. And on with the flow, Sag! In a nutshell: The Rich List? Ruler Jupiter in your 2 nd unlocks doors to prosperity, Sag.

Step into a richer cycle of experience now.

Fire tiger horoscope 12222

The answer to that question is you, naturally. Your image, appearance, profile, style, title, face, look, brand and personal message is set to open doors and take you places. Is it time for a make-over? To make a bigger, better impression? Ceres which is linked to the seasons tells you it is the season of you. You are now entering a two-month period where first impressions count like no other and you will see the results of how others perceive you.

Sagittarius september 12222

Your reputation is everything now so bear this in mind. Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node this week. This could well point to some of you changing your appearance — anything from a new hairstyle, wardrobe or even something more redefining such as cosmetic treatments. And seeing this as a serious statement in fact. Take it you are on display now in a way you have never been before and remain aware of this whether we are talking about your Instagram feed or simply you walking into that all-important meeting or interview.

Craft your visual message as carefully as you would something you have to say. For more on this week your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast. This week also sees the Sun in your 12 th flag up something hidden as it tightly aspects the ruler of your 12 th , Neptune in your 3 rd. Take note of what your gut is telling you as verification of this is on its way. The ruler of your 3 rd Mercury exits its retroshadow in your house of groups and friends and also the future this week.

So, the people you make that impression on have a role to play in how that future unfolds.

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Best face forward for success this week — and for the next 52, Capricorn. In a nutshell: Act like the success story you are becoming now Jupiter arrives in your 1 st , Capricorn. Craft your image and your message. First impressions count more than ever. Look the part. Sometimes what is intangible or unseen is more valuable to us in the long term than anything the world defines as symbols of success. Perhaps because gifts of the soul and spirit are lasting.

These are what we take from lifetime to lifetime. Lessons we no longer have to repeat for example because we have learned them and stepped free of their karma. When we see the pattern clearly so we can step free of it. Brand new shiny squeaky clean karma can be the result. Jupiter rules higher learning and opportunity. And in your spiritual 12 th is offering you the opportunity not just to release yourself and others from a cycle, but also says the books now have to balance in some way.

During the next 12 months, you may find Jupiter takes the form of someone who helps you without any expectations in return. Or you help someone else.

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Think back 19 years as Venus and Ceres meet the South Node in your 12 th on the 3 rd and 8 th. People or events set in motion then could come full circle or something feels oh-so-familiar.

Virgo daily horoscope

Choose different to escape the wheel. Neptune rules your 12 th but sits in your 2 nd of money. The Sun makes an angle of revelation to it on the 7 th Before offering assistance to anyone be sure they deserve it or if this is a place you have been with them before, consider saying no. If helping them involves lending them money — before you do, ensure you can afford to write it off as despite their best intentions, it may not come back.

Sagittarius september 12222

However, you may well be in a position to do that now Mercury exits retroshadow in your career sector. Time to expand your intuitive skills and to use these across all areas of your life. Ignoring these stops the process. Insight turns into your long-term gift and travelling companion now which just keeps on giving. Go where it wants to take you. In a nutshell: Step free of anything that has held you back on a soul level.

Jupiter in your 12 th of intuition and the past hands you the secret to accomplish this. Get ready for release — and revelations. Make a wish now, Pisces. Better yet — make three! Although you can expect the arrival of exciting new friendships which offer the opportunity to expand your horizons in some way.

This is your house of the future and your goals, wishes and dreams. Provided of course you take whatever steps you can to make it happen. Jupiter in here delivers generous friends who can open doors for you to success or new experiences. For more on this see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast. Understand that Venus also in here is more about the love of friends than romantic love.

Magic Horoscope Pisces

You also have Ceres in here and both meet the South Node in what is right now the party house of your chart. This could bring in someone who offers a new way to make a long term goal real for you. Are you ready to take a chance or compromise in order to get it? As are those big business or communication plans.

The week also has the Sun in your house of ambition strike ruler Neptune in your 1 st. And to communicate this to those you meet. Whatever you want to do, experience or attain — mine that network. In a nutshell: Jupiter in your 11 th is all about those wishes, goals and dreams for your future. Who you know or will meet has a part to play.

Jupiter is switching signs bringing a change in fortune! Self-author a success story to take you on into Time to walk your talk, Aries.