Sagittarius weekly astrology forecast 26 march 2020 michele knight


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The trick is to see opportunity for what it is when it presents itself. And then to claim it. This is your house of home, homeland, family and roots. It is also your house of owning yourself and your own path. Own your path and what you want for yourself and you could now be looking at the beginning of a shift.

Forward motion begins again where before there was struggles and being stuck in place.

In a nutshell: This week asks you not to stay put, Virgo. Seize that new beginning now. What are you willing to trade? What do you value most? This week says know your worth and also that the price is right when it comes to talking about any kind of deal, negotiation or even making that big, long term decision. This may revolve around your home, apartment, living arrangement, family, lifestyle or your pay or salary. What you invest and what you take out. Uranus in your 8 th is all about defining your worth and what is simply priceless to you.

This week is going to present you will an opportunity to state your values. Ruler Venus arrives in your 4 th enhancing all endeavours related to your foundations and long-term security. It joins Ceres in here on the 26 th. Both will trine Uranus and both meet in here on the 30 th. Reaching for that compromise over what you are prepared to trade and what you get in exchange is possible now.

Important documents can be signed and agreements entered in to thanks to the new Moon in your 3 rd. However, please bear in mind that Mercury which rules this house, still has a few more days in retroshadow. Time to escape that dull routine but you need a plan to do so. This new Moon always asks us to have new game plan for the future. This always relates to creating something which supports us in some way. Your values define the direction you are heading in this week.

Communicate these clearly and then set your intentions, Libra.

Bts astrology 12222

Plus you have a brand new playbook to work from. In a nutshell: Time for a new plan for the future. One where you get to have what matters most to you. When it comes to reaching an agreement with someone — the price is right for you both. Love could be the new deal on the table this week. Either a love contract agreement between you and someone you care for — or even in a working relationship. Communicating your intentions with the best interest of both parties in mind could simply hand you breakthroughs and success now. Unexpected conversations, encounters and news take you by surprise.

You could end up pleasantly surprised if you have been deadlocked with someone how flexible and open-minded to reaching an agreement they suddenly become. Talks take a surprising turn for the better thanks to Ceres and Venus in your 3 rd both trineing Uranus in your 7 th this week. Opportunity or that potential love interest could look refreshingly different.

Are you willing to opt for a different choice and therefore a different outcome to the one you have experienced in the past? Neptune direct in your romance zone says provided you see the past clearly you can learn from it. But no longer have to repeat it. This week also brings you a new Moon in your house of values and money on the 26 th. This is all about how you relate to both your money — and your values and self-worth. Time to set new standards in other words. Because this house is ruled by Venus its about the relationship you have with what you have. Want more?

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Value what you already have and take care of it. And watch how it not only starts to take care of you, but also how you start to attract more to value. This also includes the people who you value. And who value you in return.

Weekly Astrology 25th November - New Moon in Sagittarius - Michele Knight

Enough to talk about a compromise or deal which benefits you both, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Your love future could look very different than it has done in the past, Scorpio. The same goes for work. Make a different choice for a new outcome. This week sees one of the most important new Moons for doing just that shine out in your 1 st. And not to sit waiting for someone else to make the magic happen.

Because this is your 1 st of image, appearance, style, brand and how you come across to others, a new direction needs a new you to reflect where you are headed. How will you convey this? Anything from an image change to a name or title change is possible now.

Cancer Moon Sign Horoscope Next Week

How do you want to be seen? Above all, this is a new Moon of believing in yourself. Venus enters its ruling 2 nd this week and this is of course, the house that holds the keys to our values and self-worth. It joins Ceres in here which rules deals and compromises. You could be making one with your routine, wellness regimen, a present or future employer that is a reflection of your values. And which also restores balance in a key area.

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  5. Perhaps you have taken on too much. Having nothing to do is also an imbalance. Venus and Ceres meeting could deliver a new work opportunity or if you do not engage in paid work, a way to enhance your wellbeing or charge up that routine. Escaping a rut is possible as both Ceres 25 th and Venus 28 th trine Uranus in your 6 th. Neptune in your 4 th heads direct this week, clearing up confusion around home, living arrangements, family and lifestyle. You could have a clearer idea around where and how you need to be living and what is needed for your long-term security. There could be an offer on the table by the end of the month which sets you free from something that simply no longer works for you on some level.

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    Venus and Ceres meeting on the 30 th says this should bring financial as well as intangible benefits. Such as an upgrade to that self-esteem and knowing what you can achieve, Sag. In a nutshell: Chart yourself a new course and set off down it with confidence, Sag. Who makes this happen? You do of course! Ahead of your birthday cycle next month, you head into fresh, new beginnings. As well as opportunities to socialise, party and play. Venus in your 1 st is always about attraction. Looking and also feeling as good about yourself as you can. Reawaken the magician within now when it comes to your ability to attract what you need.

    And your faith that life is taking you down the path you need it to flow in. Your own ability to trust your intuition and your own decision-making process is also in focus this week. All thanks to the new Moon in your 12 th on the 26 th. It enhances your psychic abilities and also could see you wanting to delve deeper into metaphysical matters. Or even your relationship with that higher power — whatever you consider that to be. Beginning a project where you work behind the scenes or are simply not yet ready to tell the world about is also favoured now. Keep your energy close.

    And your secrets closer. This week, as excitable Mars links with exaggerative Jupiter, you could find that your desire for excitement or the stuff that adrenaline surges are made of intensifies. Astrologer, psychic, medium, intuitive counselor, and tarot card reader Jessica Lanyadoo shares her wisdom and magic from San Francisco to the world. Over the next few weeks many Aries natives will find that a gentle approach to social differences will bring the desired results.

    Added to this your 7th House of Love and Social Activities is hosting three strong planets. Remind others of how inventive you can be when you have to be.

    Horoscope 12222 monthly

    The championship was created and debuted before the main event at the taping of TNA's second weekly PPV event on June 19, ; the event aired on June 26, Life is a delicate balance of incorporating these two modes of operation. This is an excellent time for physical activities like exercise, manual labor, fighting and sporting activities, especially of a competitive nature.

    Reject your desire to stand out […].